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Sunday, March 24, 2019
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Novell Identity Manager
Securely manage the access needs of your ever-changing user community.
Manage the full user lifecycle:
  • deliver first-day access to essential resources
  • synchronize multiple passwords into a single login
  • automate routine user management tasks
  • revoke access rights instantly
  • support regulatory compliance



Novell Identity Manager: Remove barriers to greater business agility and security.

The time has come to apply identity to not only the people involved in your organization, but also to any corporate asset the people in your organization need to share, such as routers, servers, devices, application components and even processes.

Novell Identity Manager is a key component of Novell's Identity-Driven Computing vision. Identity-Driven Computing is a new vision for IT that places people—and the services they depend on—at the center of your enterprise. With Identity-Driven Computing from Novell, you can add intelligence to every part of your IT infrastructure—and make your business more agile and secure.